Other rewards programs make you go through a lengthy ordering process and wait up to 28 days for your 'reward' to be delivered. Where's the reward in that? Rewarder gives you instant access to your reward points anywhere EFTPOS is available, so you can use your Rewarder card as often, or as little, as you like.

If the fish and chip shop has EFTPOS, you can use your Rewarder card to pay for your meal with reward points. You can buy a cup of coffee at the café with your reward points, as long as the café has EFTPOS. You can purchase petrol and buy the weekly groceries at the supermarket with your reward points. Or save them for that wide screen television or holiday you've been talking about. Spend your points however you like. That's the freedom of Rewarder. And isn't that how a rewards program should work?

We don't want to tell you how to reward yourself... but if you're looking for some ideas, perhaps we can help.

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