How do I start using the points I have earned?
Easy! Your Rewarder card is already activated when you receive it. You can now start rewarding yourself anywhere EFTPOS is accepted! It is that simple!

Can you explain how my credit card spending converts into Rewarder dollars?
Every time you make a purchase on your credit card, this equates to a points value that is automatically transferred onto your Rewarder card. There is no need to swipe an extra card. Your financial institution converts your points into a dollar value which you can then go and spend wherever you like!

I've started using my credit card. How many points have I earned?
Login to Rewarder and enter your card details to see how many points and Rewarder dollars you have. Alternatively, contact your financial institutionís call centre or call into the branch.

How do I spend my Rewarder dollars?
You can go to ANY merchant in Australia with an EFTPOS terminal and redeem your points. Your periodic statement will tell you how many points you have or Login to Rewarder for a points update.

So are my points the same as cash?
Effectively, yes. But you cannot withdraw on your card from an ATM or through EFTPOS cash out facility.

Help! I can't remember my Rewarder PIN.
You need to contact your financial institution during business hours or email them outside of business hours. When you receive your card, you might like to change your PIN to something you know you will remember. Log in to Rewarder at any time to change your PIN.

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